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(87 People Likes) What does this line from the BTS song Fake Love~”Erase me try to be your doll” mean?

e is “Try to erase myself and make me your doll”. Putting it in the context of the song, what he means is that he tried to change for the person he loved until he didn’t recognize himself anymore. Just like a doll created to be liked/loved by that human

(32 Likes) Are you looking for cheap love dolls?

Perfect solution – introduce a third player in our bedroom. However, neither my g Mini Sex Doll rlfriend nor I would be in favor of finding a real girl/boy to experiment with. The compromise of ordering two love dolls was found – male and female. We did a thorough research and found some benefits of sex dolls: No possibility of contracting some STDs. Improving both mental and physical health. No chance for a broken heart. As long as you both realize it’s just a silicone doll, you’ll both be satisfied and “refreshed” too. There is a large selection on the internet. It is even possible to customize a doll yourself. It would be foolish to miss this chance to tell the truth. Just find a reliable online store like https://www.cherrypiesexdoll.com.com/ and explore some advantages

(83 Likes) Is it worth buying Real Dolls?

satisfy every sexual desire 24/7. The reality is that after investing thousands of dollars in a “functional work of art,” the day will come when the box will finally be delivered and sitting on your porch. That’s when you realize that when these dolls are life-size, they can weigh anywhere from 65 to over 100 pounds. You must provide all the motion for the doll to move her around and also position her various joints to get “her” limbs in position for lovemaking. Once you’ve done that, you may not have enough energy left to use it for its “intended purpose”! Every time you use it successfully, you must disinfect all the openings you used immediately afterwards. To do this, they are rinsed with an antibacterial soap solution, then rinsed with clean water and then dried thoroughly to prevent MOLD from growing in the various cavities of the doll. Then there is the problem of repairing damage to the doll. The silicone skin can stretch and tear, joints in the inner metal skeleton can break, and things like eyelashes, fingernails, and toenails can come loose and need to be reattached. Wigs tend to constantly fall off a doll’s head and need to be washed and then combed out regularly. All of this is a huge hassle and I suspect the average new doll owner will realize after a month or two of this that they wish they had kept their money and given up buying the doll. Unfortunately, once used, these dolls are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, and all one can do is try to recoup SOME of those “investments” by going to an online doll owner community site and hoping that he can find a buyer for it. Expect to lose a thousand or more as the prize for your short sex doll honeymoon. I recommend that those who have never owned one of these “ultimate sex toys” skip the high-end silicone dolls, which cost almost as much as a nice used car, and look for a doll on a site like Amazon or eBay instead . He can find dolls there made from an alternative elastomer called “TPE” or thermoplastic elastomer, which is far cheaper and some say looks more like human skin than silicone. These inexpensive dolls are all mass-produced in China and shipped from there via FedEx Air Express, so you can get your doll in about a week instead of waiting months for a high-quality silicone doll to be custom-made for you. Most importantly, some of these Chinese-made TPE dolls can be purchased for less than $500, including shipping costs. If you buy one of these dolls and, after a few months of wrestling with it in the sack, realize that you made a mistake, it’s only a mistake of less than $1,000 and not one closer to $10,000. This will help take much of the sting out of his “learning experience.” However, if things go well with his new Chinese sex doll at bargain prices, he can always consider buying a more advanced silicone model in the future, e.g. Some of the new advanced sex dolls feature animated heads and AI technology, allowing the doll to have a reasonably intelligent conversation with its owner and even simulate the sounds of a female orgasm when special pressure sensors in her vagina detect something below t

(11 Likes) Is importing sex dolls legal in India?

when it triggers sexual thoughts and behaviors. And if it does, it will be banned from the country. This means that sex products can be legal or illegal depending on what they look like and how they are sold. India Girls For example, a vibrator that doesn’t look like a penis is legal, while realistic dildos and sex dolls are not. Basically, in India, a sex toy is only illegal if it looks like a cock or a vagina. Sex dolls are illegal not only in India but also in other countries or regions. Here are 15 places where owning sex dolls is illegal. 15 Places Where Sex Dolls Are Illegal – Kanadoll Owning a sex doll might not sound like a big deal 125cm love sex dolls eat at all, especially if you live in a country that doesn’t give a damn about what and who you like to have sex with in your own country

(66 People Likes) Let’s start with a groundbreaking

s were almost 71,000. And we’re only scratching the surface with this number, because this number represents only a single keyword. Having sex with the doll and filming it or watching someone else film it gets more audience. The audience for people having sex with such dolls is ever increasing and the way trends are going in terms of sexual fantasies and fetishes it is quite reasonable to say that this number will continue to increase in the years to come. The main reason for people trying to search for videos related to people having sex with these silicone dolls can be traced to a simple emotion; ‘Curiosity’. People who are connoisseurs of such porn are usually the ones who also own or plan to own similar dolls themselves. They already have a silicone wife they are in a relationship with. Although part of the overall audience watches this type of porn to enjoy it, the majority of this section is looking for videos out of curiosity. In their opinion, the future of relationships will lie between humans and silicon AI robots, and they want to imagine and take a look at what that future could be like. Some even watch these videos because they are curious about how these dolls can be used in new ways to bring more joy and get the most out of something you’ve invested a lot of money in. Even popular pornstars like Nina Elle have released videos where they enjoy sex with dolls and they have become a highly searched content on the internet simply because of the thrill and glitz these videos offer. However, the bottom line is simple; People love the idea of ​​not only watching sex doll porn movies but also living with a real

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